Enemy of the Month: Kanye West

Kanye West proved to us tonight, once and for all, that he is in fact the biggest douche bag in Hollywood. West may be the most openly racist person I have ever seen and yet no one does anything about it. This is the THIRD time he has had a litte “hissy fit” at an MTV Awards show. Here’s an idea…QUIT INVITING THE COWARD! It started in 2004 after he didn’t win the best new artist award and again in 2006 in Europe when he interrupted an acceptance speech from Justice and Simian. Tonight he crossed the line. Tonight he snatched the microphone off of country sweetheart Taylor Swift to proclaim that “Beyonce’s video was one of the best of all time.” Thanks for the update dickwad. How about next time you just run your mouth to whoever will listen to you after the show instead of ruining someone else’s moment. Beyonce made right at the end of the night when she won the award for video of the year and asked that Taylor come back up to the stage to finish her acceptance speech. Kanye West and his thing of a girlfriend were asked to leave after his tirade. Meanwhile, singer Pink had to be restrained by security after she went after Kanye. I wonder if he still thinks Beyonce’s video is one of the greatest ever since he lost to her? Maybe he would have had another incident if they allowed his to stay. Also, I wonder how he would have reacted if, say for instance, he won an award and John Mayer came on stage and snatched it from him to tell the world that someone else deserved it more. Think he would let that fly? Do us a favor Kanye, go away for a long while, learn how to rap, get someone to clean up that mess of a hair cut you got going on and get a new girlfriend. Time to grow up douchbag. So, without further ado, Kanye West is our Enemy of the Month for September for going above and beyond the douche bag calling. Let’s drop him and Chris Brown in the middle of the ocean.


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