Enemy of the Month: Adam James

adam_jamesIntroducing the very first Enemy of the Month for 2010 Adam James.  There were a lot of different choices we could have went with here.  We could have went with Lane Kiffin for leaving Tennessee, but I hate Tennessee and USC so therefore I couldn’t care less about that situation.  We could have went with Tiger Woods for cheating on his stupid hot wife Elin, but that seems a little overplayed.  Instead we went with the cry baby himself, Adam James.  Son of mediocre ESPN analyst, Craig James, he reported then Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach for locking him in a shed.  Or it could have been an electrical closet…or a media room.  So many stories have flown around about where he was locked up I can’t keep track.  What I can see is that this spoiled and lazy kid got a coach that had been there 10 years fired.  This is a person who has been described by teammates and coaches as someone who is lazy and thinks he is entitled to something.  Someone that doesn’t think he should have to do certain things because of who is Daddy is.  I see the basis of the entire thing.  Leach was told to keep him out of practice and in a dark place, so he did just that.  Of course some might argue with the place he chose.  Some might have seen it as humiliating and demeaning, but who the hell hasn’t been humiliated or demeaned at football practice? C’mon man!  I can see the reason for dismissal of Leavitt from USF and Mangino from Kansas, but I don’t think this was necessary.  Some other team is going to get a hell of a coach that is going to spread out their offense and wreck havoc on their conference.

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