Eli Manning talks about the Super Bowl win, his MVP and the future of Peyton

The Eli Manning medis circus got underway last night when the 2 time Super Bowl Champion quarterback appears on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Eli appeared relaxed throughout the interview and even managed to get a few laughs out of the audience and myself.  He even remained composed when Dave started asking him questions about his big brother Peyton and whether or not he could play and if so, would it still be in Indianapolis.

Towards the end of part 1, Eli takes us through the last scoring play for the Giants where Ahmad Bradshaw appears confused as to whether or not he should kneel or score.

“Right as I’m handing the ball off to Ahmad, I could sense the Patriots defense giving up.  So I told him ‘don’t score, don’t score'”

Also, in part 1, be sure to check out the 5:21 mark where Dave asks him if anyone ever runs the wrong route.  The above picture is a screen grab from his response.

[youtube id=86ymM5nh41A ]
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Another nice highlight was when Dave asked Eli about his relationship or if he ever talks with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Not a whole lot…I don’t know if he likes me”

[youtube id=deo85RsG4oE ]
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Eli came across as likeable and confident in this interview.  I guess that’s what two Super Bowl Championships does to a guy.


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