Eastern Washington's New Turf Needs a Nickname


A little while ago, DiNunzio informed us of Eastern Washington University’s plan to lay down new turf at their football stadium.  Normally this wouldn’t be considered news, but the fact that the turf was going to be bright red made it such.  With the football season just around the corner, the construction of the new field surface is almost finished and it is more eye straining than previously thought.  I cannot stand the smurf turf in Boise and this might be one step above it.  I don’t know what color jerseys the Eagles wear for home games but whoever is wearing red is at a rather large advantage.

DiNunzio and myself got to talking this weekend, in between keg stands and riff raff at our friends bachelor party, and decided that this turf needed a nickname.  We went back and forth with names and DiNunzio had them saved on his phone.  This morning, I got the text message with our creations.  I know some might be a stretch but just remember the atmosphere where they were created.  Please use the comments section to make this list even stronger.

  • The Lake of Fire
  • The Used Maxi Pad
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog’s Skid Mark
  • The Red Sea
  • The Blood Bath
  • Hell on Turf
  • The Red Zone
  • The Candy Cane (red turf + yard lines)
  • Tamale Turf
  • Ginger Turf

Two of our favorites would be “Hell on Turf” and “Tamale Turf”.  Let us know if you got one!

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