Dwyane Wade tries to take the focus off the Heat loss by wearing the dumbest glasses known to man

What was better than seeing the Heat lose last night to the Celtics in Miami?  Dwyane Wades attempt at being trendy and cool.

I would say this is a fail, but that feels like I would be going easy on him.  So instead, I’m just going to rant for a few lines…excuse my language…

SquintsWhat the fuck is Dwyane Wade thinking?  I cannot…no…I WILL not believe someone told him that these looked good or were fashionable.  We know he doesn’t need glasses but to wear frames with no lenses?  That’s making less of an attempt than he did in the game.  Even if these glasses had lenses, what the hell is up with the size?  Squints Palledorous had the same size but at least he had the ability to close (Wendy Peffercorn, shwing).  Bottom Line is if you are going to lose the game, don’t add insult to injury.  Doesn’t this guy date Gabrielle Union?  If that is true, I am sure it won’t be much longer as long as D Wade keeps being a D Bag.

Russell Westbrooke had this look a few weeks ago but you know what?  He closes.  Sure, he looked like he was about to be the victim of a swirly but his team also beat the Lakers by 29 that night.  Hell, he could have went full on Sally Jessy Raphael with the pants suit and all if he wanted.

The whole point is this; Your team just lost their 3rd straight after taking the first two and you and your team are more inconsistent than Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety.  It’s time to put away the lenseless glasses and nerdy, button all the way up, shirts and bust out those sweet suits we all know you have.  Be a professional and quite treating post game like is a goddamn fashion show.  But, If you are going to continue to wear incredibly stupid things, at least get your own style and quit jacking the style of other players.

So the way I see it, you have 2 options: Win or be original…and you may be in trouble because lately, you have sucked at both.

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