Dumb & Dumbest: Steelers edition


If you know me, you know you will struggle to find a bigger Pittsburgh Steelers fan than myself. I have been a season ticket holder since I could walk and haven’t missed a home game in Pittsburgh since Heinz Field opened in 2001. I went to all 10 home games, as well as 4 away games last year and I hope to attend all 16 games this season. I have been called a homer more times than I can count and most of them deservingly so. Sometimes I tend to wear my Steelers blinders but the events of last months have drawn the last straw….

As everyone knows, 2 time Superbowl Champion quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of his second sexual assault in 8 months, and just this week Superbowl MVP wide receiver Santonio Holmes was accused of throwing a liquor glass at a female in an Orlando nightclub. I know myself that when the news of Big Ben’s incident in Georgia broke, I was looking for every bit of news I could possible find on it. Thundertreats founder Dilo even published an article immediatly saying how he felt this was another instance of a female just trying to use his fame to extort money. This issue with Ben has gone back and forth over the last 3 weeks and still no response from the police. The longer this goes on the more of a chance it looks like it will not develop into anything. If they would have had overwhelming evidence, he would have been charged already. The problem is that when you are an athlete, the majority of the public tends to sway against common law and assume you “guilty, until proven innocent.”

So now Monday rolls around and I am hoping to see the rumors start to die down until low and behold Santonio decides he is going to steal Ben’s thunder as to whether or not he will report to Steelers OTA’s. Santonio’s accusation has some bizarre details that continue to come out. The more information that comes out, the more this seems to be a case of a woman trying to extort money. Our friends over at SPORTSbyBROOKS released this article today showing the accusers Blackplanet.com profile that states “I love Money” and the USA today had this article that said Holmes account of the nightwhere she was grabbing his arm and another woman in the club threw the drink. According to the Cops, after the alleged incident they “observed Mills smiling and rubbing Holmes (sic) face just moments after walking off together.” This seems as if it will be over soon since the cops said she never filed a police report and it is a closed issue. Santonio didn’t take the criticism with a grain of salt if you noticed his twitter account. In fact, I even got a reply myself from Santonio in which he told me to shut up just because I asked him to tell us the facts.  He even told some kid, who did say something very ignorant to him“@DMKaysery u tryna make me look like the bad guy. U shud try finding the worst thing that you could drink n kill urself”.  Throughout the day he criticized people that “we dont write his paychecks and that he doesnt take advice from anyone”. Well you know what Santonio, here is my take…

I pay $352 dollars a game times 10 games a year to go and watch you play. I bought a $110 jersey of yours to go along with my 2 #7 Roethlisberger jerseys (1 is autographed). We, the fans, buy the merchandise & apparel along with the tickets that DO go to your paycheck. So yes, we the fans do write your paychecks. So instead of taking advice from no one, maybe you and your big idiot friend Ben should learn to grow up and be a better role model for young kids and the city you represent. The Pittsburgh Steelers have always been synonymous with a class act franchise and you two assholes are doing your best to tarnish that reputation. Now I do understand both of these allegations could be completely false but here is some advise for both of you, stop acting like idiots and putting yourself in the position to be under scrutiny. Do you see Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson or hell Ocho Cinco getting themselves in trouble? NO! If you want to be elite athletes that are in a great position to have storybook careers, then grow up and act like it. The city of Pittsburgh revolves around Steelers football so when you boneheads put yourself and us fans who root for you in the spotlight, you make everyone look bad. I sincerely hope that you two come out of this innocent, as long as you are both innocent.


A die hard Steelers fan that does contribute to your f*&%ing paycheck!

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