Dolphins Interested in Josh Cribbs?

Earlier today, Carlos “Big C” Holmes reported that the Miami Dolphins are interested in Cleveland Browns receiver/return man Josh Cribbs. Yikes. Just for a minute, sit back and think about Cribbs installed in the Dolphins Wildcat offense. Woah. For those of you who do not remember or do not know, Cribbs was an absolute beast in college where he was QB1 for Kent State University. It is widely known that Cribbs has been unhappy with his current contract and has been relying on a good faith promise from Randy Lerner to adjust it soon. In fact, that would be the big reason the Browns wouldn’t be interested in unloading Cribbs because they have one of the best return men in the league and are paying him pennies (in NFL dollars, not me and you dollars). The Fins aren’t the only team lining up for the possibility of Cribbs’ services. Reportedly the Colts, Chiefs, Raiders, Jags and 49ers are all interested too. In order for any kind of trade talks to actually move forward with the Dolphins, they would probably need to offer up Ted Ginn Jr. and at least one pick albeit a first or second round. With recent news of Brady Quinn’s house going up for sale and the recent departure of Braylon Edwards, many people are wondering just what in the hell Kokonis and Mangini are thinking and whether or not they actually have a plan. Although Quinn claims he put his house on the market because he wanted to “downsize and move closer to shorten his commute”…Ya friggin’ right. I guess all we can do is now is sit back and let the “professionals” do their job…great track record thus far.

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