Dolphins Get Help From Buffalo Wild Wings in Win Over the Seahawks

One of the many Buffalo Wild Wings football commercials includes 2 fans over heard by the bartender saying the only thing that would make their game better was over time.  Have no fear, the bar tenders at B dubs have the ability to remotely contact the grounds crew and let them know to turn on the sprinklers at the most opportune time.  Unrealistic, but funny.

[youtube id = cIVtwjdfb2M]

But how unrealistic was it? On Sunday, the Dolphins found themselves down the Seahawks 14-7 in the third quarter when some Dolphins die hards must have called in a favor to the local Buffalo Wild Wings.  All of the sudden, the sprinklers…all of them…came on and delayed the game for a short period.  After the shower had subsided, the Dolphins and rookie QB Ryan Tannehill scored 17 points in the final 8:08, including a 43 yard field goal as time expired to give the ‘Phins their 5th win.

[youtube id = Rn6NaO7LjwA]

Coincidence? I can’t say for sure, but no doubt I’m going to ask the bartender at Buffalo Wild Wings to call in a favor to the grounds crew at Cleveland Browns Stadium next time I’m there.

UPDATE: @GordonMack has done a fantastic job at mashing the two videos together. Take a look.

[youtube id = MCT9t0XxXR4]

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