DeWayne Wise should get an Oscar nod and Mike DiMuro should be suspended

Or at the very least DiMuro should have his eyes checked.

Last night, during the Yankees game against the Indians, Jack Hannahan hit a fly foul ball to the seats that DeWayne Wise tried to track down.  His pursuit, and subsequent momentum, put Wise into the seats with the Yankees fans.  Obviously this is a hard feat, but not impossible.  We have seen many ball players make the catch and fall into the stands.  However, one thing stands blantantly clear between Wise and those other players.

They actually caught the ball.

That’s right, third base Dumpire (coining that term here on Thunder Treats, spread it with credit!) Mike DiMuro followed, watched closely and determined that Wise had made an incredible play and that he emerged from the stands WITH the ball.  I guess we’re on the honor system now.  If DiMuro had any peripheral vision, he would have seen the fan in the red shirt directly to his left holding up the new souvenier that he just got, courtesy of the heel of Wise’s glove.

An obviously steamed Jack Hannahan came out the next inning and gave DiMuro a piece of his mind.  Actually, from the looks of it, he gave him more than a piece.  DiMuro, knowing he was completely wrong and probably made the most ignorant call in recent baseball memory, took the easy way out and tossed Hannahan.

Imagine if more Dumpires took DiMuro’s approach to calling a game.  If he is at homeplate and there is a collision, does he just assume the catcher held onto the ball?  Grandpa Bud needs to put instant replay on the fast track for baseball.  It might slow down the game a little bit more but the calls that have been allowed this season shows that its time to integrate the instant replay.

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