David Stern Believes in Unicorns

Last week at a press conference NBA Commissioner, David Stern, was asked his thoughts on whether or not a woman would ever play in the NBA. “I think that’s well within the range of probability” said Stern.  Since Stern believes that Candace Parker and Diana Taurasi could one day play alongside LeBron James and Chris Paul, Thunder Treats decided to explore some other things Stern thinks are “well within the range of probability”:

  • The Nets could make the 2010 playoffs
  • Mike Dunleavy could win the 2010 Coach of the Year award
  • Tim Donaghy didn’t really have any impact on the games he was refereeing
  • The Knicks made the right move passing on Brandon Jennings for Jordan Hill in last year’s draft
  • LeBron could sign with the Toronto Raptors in 2010 to cash in on the lucrative endorsements the Canadian market has to offer
  • Michael Jordan retired on his own in 1993 and was not forced out of the league
  • Players may soon be able to Tweet while shooting free throws
  • Tracy McGrady might start the All-Star game this year without actually playing a minute this season (wait this one really is going to happen)

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