Corey Kluber Has Perfect Game Bid Ruined By Sports Time Ohio

If you are a baseball fan then there are certain things you know to be true.

Like hot dogs always taste better at the ballpark and peanuts are a must at every game. Also, you know that you never, ever, under any circumstance mention a no-hitter or perfect game while in progress. You just don’t. The players won’t even talk to a pitcher who is bidding for one.

So on Thursday night, when Cleveland Indians ace Cory Kluber sat down the first 19 batters in a row he faced, you can imagine how furious I was when Fox Sports Time Ohio decided to put this stupid graphic up on the screen.

Yep. This graphic came up after he got the first out in the 7th inning. It was up three pitches. Three pitches after they put the graphic up on the screen, Omar Infante hit a fastball straight up the gut to take away the perfect game.

Thanks a lot STO. Cleveland was riding high because of the last few weeks. Way to take us down a peg or two.

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