Colin Kaepernick Knew He Was Going to be the Quarterback of the 49ers

Talk about putting your mind to something.  During the 49ers/Patriots game last night, NBC revealed a letter he had written to himself when he was in the fourth grade.  Not only did Kaepernick say he was a good athlete, he predicted he would be the quarterback of the “Niners or Packers”.  Showing that he wasn’t a fair weather fan, he also included “even if they aren’t good in seven years”.  Smart Kid.  He was also spot on about what his height would be but, as an 11-year-old, he was slightly off on his weight.

Kaepernick was a stud in baseball and football during his high school days and had the opportunity to pursue either sport.  He obviously made the right decision in sticking with football.  Otherwise, he may have turned out like a certain 29-year-old rookie quarterback who couldn’t throw temper tantrum, much less a football.

Below is the letter Kaepernick wrote himself…



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