Club Trillion Founder Mark Titus…Drafted.

titusThe Ohio State University men’s basketball funny man and friend to Thunder Treats has been drafted…  By the Harlem Globetrotters.  Confused?  Allow me.

Titus was one of the 6 players drafted by the Globetrottters this year and will have a chance to make their roster during spring training in September and October.  If Titus can make the roster, he will be just the 3rd white player in 84 years to join the team.  The Globetrotters got a look at Titus a couple months ago when they were in Columbus and actually were interested in him playing for their doormat Washington Nationals team, but unfortunately Titus was rehabing his bad shoulder.

After hearing of the news, Titus had to call his family and then talked to reporters.  Then there was one more person he needed to contact…

“I’m going to call Evan soon and let him know I was drafted before him,” Titus said.

Although excited about the opportunity, Titus will take it seriously…unless they want him to be a serious player.

“We’ll talk and I’ll figure out what they want from me. If they want me to be a serious player, there could be some problems. But if they want me to be the guy who throws the bucket of confetti, I’m good at that.”

Source: Columbus Dispatch


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