The Cleveland Indians Made The Most Of Their Rain Delay

During the end of an almost four hour rain delay, Cleveland Indians infielder Mike Aviles called up manager Terry Francona to ask permission to do a traditional tarp slide.

“I asked him if we could,” Aviles said of his brief chat with Francona. “He didn’t really say, ‘No,’ but he didn’t really say, ‘Yeah.’ I didn’t hear a, ‘No.’ It was like a, ‘Maybe.’ It counts. You’ve just got to read between the lines.”

So Aviles then recruited other infielders Lonnie Chisenhall and Jason Kipnis to join him in his antics. Aviles slide over the pitchers mound and Kipnis tagged up from third and scored at home.

In addition to their tarp slide, Kipnis shared some insight into what the players were doing in the locker room via his Instagram account.


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