Cleveland Indians Minor League Team Hosting ‘Mark Emmert Appreciation Night’

The Lake County Captains, who will be hosting a Jobu Bobblehead night in August, are back at it with a brand new appreciation night theme. This time, the appreciation night is aimed at trolling the embroiled NCAA President Mark Emmert.

Mark Emmert Appreciation Night will be July 2nd and they have a bunch of hilarious promotions going on that evening at the ball park. Some including, via their website, are:

  • All fans who attend the game and do nothing but stay until the third inning will receive credit towards a future Captains game of their choice. In addition to this great benefit of just showing up, given the recent ruling in college athletics that will allow student athletes the opportunity to enjoy consuming food as they need it, four lucky college students will win an All-You-Can-Eat wristband and tickets to a future Captains game.
  • During the game, fans will be permitted to move from their seat location designated by their ticket, subject to a one inning waiting period, if they desire a different view.
  • Copies of the publication “Undue Process – The NCAA’s Injustice For All” will also be distributed to select attendees.
  • At the end of the game, a promotional participant will be crowned that evening’s BCS (Big Captains Superstar) Champion via a subjective vote taken by members of the media and a computerized scoring algorithm.
  • Lucky participants who take part in the Captains in-game promotions will not be rewarded for their efforts, rather, they will have the satisfaction of just having the opportunity to participate.
  • Fans who wear their “generic” college jersey that may or may not correspond to a famous athlete who may attend the same college may be awarded by a visit from a Captains Booster who greets them with a $100 handshake.

The Captains also have extended an invitation to Mark Emmert to come out see how their operation works. Since his comments during the Ed O’Bannon antitrush hearing ruffled some feathers in America’s minor leagues.

“To convert college sports into professional sports would be tantamount to converting it into minor league sports,” Emmert said Thursday. “And we know that in the U.S. minor league sports aren’t very successful either for fan support or for the fan experience.”

Emmert is going to need a shoe horn the size of a baseball bat to get his foot out of his mouth this time.

[h/t Next Impulse Sports]
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