Cleveland Cavaliers Home Opener Tickets Asking Price Up To $20,000

You can ask for anything you want in this world, unfortunately that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

The same goes for the Cleveland Cavaliers ticket holders who have listed their tickets to the October 30 home opener for as much as $20,000…each.

cavaliers home opener

Looking at the normal seating chart, those $20,000 tickets at the top aren’t even on the floor! They are behind them and in the corner. Definitely good seats but definitely not worth a fraction of that asking price. For $20,000 per ticket, I better be getting a full uniform, introduction with the team and the opportunity to come off the bench and launch a few threes.

More than likely, though, this is just a tactic to get their tickets seen.

What is cool with Flash Seats is that you don’t necessarily have to pay the asking price. Since it is a market place, fans can offer the seller a price and they can accept it at anytime or reject it. For instance, the first seller above wants $40,000 for their tickets, but the most anyone has offered them right now is $105.oo. That number will probably soar to over $500 in the coming weeks, and at that time the seller will have to decide when they have reached a reasonable price point.

As of right now, the cheapest ticket prices for the home opener are up in the nose bleeds, in the corner and they are going off at $248.00.

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