Cleveland Browns Safety Tashaun Gipson Gets League-Leading Fifth Pick With This Awesome Pass From Matt Schaub

During the first series for the Oakland Raiders yesterday, they got ready to attempt a 57-yard field goal. Before the snap, though, kicker Sebastian Janikowski rolled out to the far side of the field and holder/Texan’s HOFer Matt Schaub stood up to take the snap in the shotgun formation.

It was Schaub’s first attempt at a pass as a member of the Raiders. It will probably be his last for a while. Showing that he didn’t miss a beat, Schaub first fumbled the snap, then threw the ball directly to Cleveland Browns safety Tashaun Gipson.

This gave Gipson his league-leading fifth interception of the year. It gave fans of the Raiders more of a reason to hate Mark Davis and his haircut.

Matt Schaub’s first official pass for the Oakland #Raiders. #Browns #NFL

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