Cleveland Browns Jordan Cameron Scores Almost as Much as His Sister

Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron had a monster game on Sunday, hauling in 6 catches for 66 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Not a bad day at the office. Those stats bring his three game total to 20 receptions for 269 yards and 4 touchdowns making him one of the most added and desirable players in fantasy football.

Desirable must run in the family.

His hot, athletic sister Brynn, who was famously linked to former USC quarterback Matt Leinart and soon after became his baby mama, is at it again.  In a story broke by TMZ, Brynn Cameron has had another baby to go along with 6 year old Cole and this time the daddy is Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin!

The August 1st birth certificate obtained by TMZ shows that Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin’s mama was listed as Brynn and the daddy was listed as Blake.

According to TMZ, Brynn is recieving $15,000 per month from Matt Leinart for the support of Cole.  Which tells us two things.

1.) Brynn knows what she is doing.

2.) Supermarket bag boys get paid way too much.

I would like to see the Vegas odds on whether or not one of the spawn of Brynn Cameron becomes a professional athlete.

Off the board?

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