Cleveland Browns Clown on Awesome Phil Dawson in Latest Episode of NFL Road Tested

The Travel Channel has teamed up with the Cleveland Browns to give the fans a behind the scenes look as to what goes on for game day preparation, both for home games and away games.  NFL Road Tested shows how hard it is to move an entire NFL team across the country for a game and how sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  Being a Browns fan, I enjoy the show and like seeing the inner workings of the team.  If you are not a Browns fan, then I can see how you may not enjoy this programming.

What you can enjoy, though, is how team camaraderie and pranks ascend from pee wee to the pros.  In the latest episode, they pan the Oakland locker room after the staff sets up and we see that kicker, and 37 year-old, has gotten his very own lazy boy instead of the standard folding chair.

This is kind of an inside joke.  This is the first time, I don’t want people to think this happens all the time.  Being an old guy on the team has its privileges. So —

Dawson is interrupted by someone walking by in the background who offers up what he thinks will help Phil Dawson.

He needs his Geritol.

Dawson just laughs it off with a “yea, there ya go”.


I don’t know if I believe Phil about this being a one time thing.  I have the feeling he has gotten the lazy boy treatment before.  If it was a one time thing, then the Browns need to shape up because he is one of the best players on the team every single year.  We can only hope he gives us a Morten Anderson-esqe career.

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