Chris Henry 1983-2009


Known to his teammates as simply “Slim”, Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry has died following injuries sustained from an automobile accident Wednesday afternoon in North Carolina.  Following a domestic dispute, Henry, 26, jumped in the back of pickup truck to try to stop his fiance from leaving.  Henry fell off the back of the moving truck and sustained injuries that would prove to be fatal.  Henry’s fiance Loleini Tonga, with whom he has three children, posted on her myspace account on Tuesday that the two had bought their wedding rings.  Henry has been away from the team after breaking his arm, requiring surgery, in early November and being placed on the season ending injured reserve.  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police report that Henry died at 6:36 am this morning.  I hope we can remember Chris as a man that had finally gotten his life on the right track.  He had turned his life around and was headed in the right direction.  I hope everyone got a chance to watch HBO’s Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals because it shed some light on how Chris was trying his hardest to turn his life around and polish his reputation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris Henry’s family and friends.  Rest in Peace, Slim.

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