Chicago White Sox betting on Pete Rose Jr.

pete-rose-jrSee what I did there?

Pete Rose may get the chance to live vicariously through his son, Pete Rose Jr.  The Chicago White Sox announced Monday that the 40 year old son of the exiled Pete Rose Sr. will manage their Appalachian League advanced rookie affiliate in Bristol, VA.  Junior started his service in the MLB as a bat boy when Dad broke Ty Cobb’s hits record back in 1985.  He also got a taste of the Big’s in 1997 with the Reds, but for a very short stint.  Mostly, Junior was a career Minor Leaguer retiring in 2009.

The only coaching experience Junior has is as a hitting coach in the Frontier League for a season.  It looks as though his name and connections are what landed him his inaugural skipper position.  It also helps that Buddy Bell, former teammate of his old man, is the director of player development for the Chicago White Sox.  I am sure that is just a coincidence though.

At least Major League Baseball isn’t taking out their frustrations on the son of the man they sent to baseball jail.  Hopefully, Junior can clean off the Rose name plate and help his pops get to where he belongs. 

The Hall of Fame.

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