Cheick Kongo knocks Pat Barry back to second grade

I have never seen anything quite like what went down on last nights UFC Live main event.  Cheick Kongo was up against Pat Barry and the beginning of the fight seemed to be a dancing competition with both fighters moving around a lot trying to time each other up.  Well around the 2:37 mark things started to get dicey for Kongo.  Barry landed a hard right to the side of Kongo’s head that sent him tumbling to the mat.  Barry quickly jumped on Kongo and landed a flurry of punches but somehow Kongo got back to his feet only to receive another blow that put him on his back.  In response to this take down, crackhead Joe Rogan shouted “It’s over, he’s out!”.  Like usual, Rogan was wrong.  Kongo then somehow gets back to his feet and while wobbly delivers a right hand that stuns Barry and, with a small window of opportunity, he capitalizes by landing another rock solid right that put Barry out cold.

I can’t believe this fight wasn’t stopped during the beating that Kongo was taking.  The second time he fell he was limp but referee Dan Miragliotta decided to let this thing play out.  I guess it’s a good thing he did…at least for Kongo…but if I’m Barry, then I am two things right now…In pain and pissed.  Not only did he get knocked-the-f*ck-out but Kongo landed at least two clean hammer-fists square to his face after he was out.  Hammer-fists which looked to be capable of making his nose point out of the back of his head.  Some say Miragliotta did a good job but I think he f’d up by not calling it and got lucky that Kongo didn’t end up seriously injured.

[youtube id=78vbwqdrsqI ]

The entire event will be replayed on Spike TV on Wednesday at 6pm ET and 9pm ET.

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