Bryce Harper really wants to get hit intentionally

harperbThere are certain things that you just don’t do in the game of baseball.  Some call them unwritten rules, I call them common sense.  For starters, you don’t intentionally walk across the pitchers mound when crossing the infield, you don’t draw a line in the dirt to show the umpire where you think the ball crossed and you most certainly do not taunt the pitcher after you take him yard.  Sure, some guys will stop to admire a shot or do some sort of hop-skip (Sammy) but that is where it should end.

Last night, the Washington Nationals second coming (nice stache btw) hit a home run during a single A game and not only stopped to admire his shot, but blew the pitcher a kiss after rounding third base.  I will start by saying that this is absolutely unacceptable in baseball and someone who has played the game as much, as long and as often as Bryce Harper should know that he was out of line.  As Craig Calcaterra from NBC Hardball Talk put it, “That pitcher is trying to do his job. He didn’t get $16 million to tide him over as he tries to get through the minors like Harper is.”

This isn’t the first time Harper has been questioned on his respect for the game.  He caught heat in the Junior College World Series when he got tossed for drawing a line in the dirt after getting rung up on a called third strike.  To his credit, the ball was ridiculously outside, but still you have to show respect to the umpires.  There may be more to this story than the video shows because after he blows the kiss he continues to home plate but keeps looking back to the pitcher like they had beef prior to the home run.  But like I just said, you have to show respect for the players, the umpires and the game in general.  Be the bigger man, Bryce, because once you get to the show they will take your, or your teammates, head off for pulling shit like that.

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