Bryce Harper shatters bat off home plate after whiffing on a filthy curveball [Video]

If you love Bryce Harper, you’ll love this video.  It shows you that the teen phenom, with his team up 4-0, still absolutely hates to strike out.  More than the strike out, I think Harper was mad at himself for chasing Nolasco’s nasty curve ball that was down out of the zone.  He shouldn’t be too hard on himself because more than half the league would have done the same thing.

If you hate Bryce Harper, you’ll love this video too.  It echoes the argument that all the haters have.  Bryce Harper is an immature punk who shouldn’t be in the league.  Have some respect for the pitcher, right?**  Not only the pitcher, what about the catcher, John Buck, and umpire who were standing right there and could have taken a shard to the face, much like Harper did earlier in the season when he broke his bat in the tunnel.

It should be noted that on his next at-bat Harper apologized to Buck for letting his emotions get the best of him.  Per Juan C. Rodriguez of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

“I saw it hit and that’s why I kind of jumped away,” Buck said. “He told me he was really sorry, it was terrible. I told him, ‘Don’t worry about it. I did the same thing, but when I was your age it was a metal bat and I was in high school.’ It’s a learning experience for him. He’s just having to do it in front of the eyes of the whole country and the world. I bet you he probably won’t do that any more.”

Nolasco is a different story.  Harper hasn’t said anything to him about “showing him up” at the plate.  You can clearly see in the video that Nolasco didn’t like what he saw and when asked after the game about the situation he just gave a cold “no comment”.

Word is that around the club house in Washington, they have began calling Harper “Bamm Bamm”, just like little Bamm Bamm Rubble.  Again, if you love Harper you’ll love that name and if you hate Harper, you’ll love that name.

Hate him or love him, he’s here for good and a great thing for baseball.


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