Bri'onte Dunn drug test comes up clean

BrionteDunnIt looks like four star freshman running back Bri’onte Dunn was telling the truth. 

Last Saturday, the car Bri’onte was driving was pulled over after nearly hitting a police cruiser.  After getting pulled over, Dunn was was found to be in possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to wear a seat belt and having a license plate light out.  This 2 former of the 4 charges were obviously the most worrisome, though all misdemeanors.

To the relief of Buckeye Nation, after a police investigation, it was decided that Dunn would only face a disorderly conduct charge and a seat belt violation.  The Alliance City Law Director had this to say regarding the incident.

“Based upon the content of all the evidence reviewed, I made the decision to authorize the minor misdemeanor disorderly conduct instead of the drug possession because throughout the entire (traffic) stop Bri’onte Dunn is consistent and denies the paraphernalia and the small amount marijuana are his. The paraphernalia was not found on him.”

The review of the incident showed that Bri’onte was driving a car registered to his mother and that she actually showed up at the scene and told the police officers that the marijuana was already in the car before he borrowed it, which was huge for Bri’onte’s case.

Many websites online stop the their report there.  Calling Dunn’s mother the “Mom of the Year Candidate” and that she “took the rap for her son”.  Well, in light of Bri’onte’s drug test that came back clean, perhaps she wasn’t “taking the rap” for him after all.  Maybe, just maybe, he was telling the truth and had no idea that the drugs were in the car.

But why would anyone give him the benefit of the doubt?  We love to burn people at the proverbial stake before the facts come out, especially when they are athletes and more so when they represent The Ohio State University.

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