Brent Musburger had a Musboner for AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend Katherine Webb

Ohhh Brent.  You can’t win can you? 

Last year, everyone was on his shit because he said “Honey Badger” a thousand times during the National Championship game between Alabama and LSU.  This year, Brent got a little carried away when explaining to the viewers who the pretty brunette woman was in the crowd.  That pretty brunette girl just happened to be Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend.  Oh ya, and she is Miss Alabama.  He also makes note of McCarron’s mother, Dee Dee Bonner, as well but quickly focused back on the prize.  Please make note at the :20 second mark of the expression on Dee Dee’s face… It looks as though she can hear the remarks and see the drool coming from the 73 year-old Musburger’s mouth.


It might have been toeing the line of “creepy old guy” if he would have stopped before telling the youth of Alabama to get a football and start throwing it around with Pops.

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