Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets

Nightclub promoters in New York please be on the lookout for a stone hands receiver with a temper… Coach Mangini continues to create controversy in Cleveland by trading Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets. The Browns receive LB/ST Jason Trusnik and WR Chansi Stuckey as well as two draft picks. Braylon has been having trouble in Cleveland last season and most of this season but this is something I never expected. For those of you keeping track at home, Eric Mangini has now made deals with the Jets to enable them to get Mark Sanchez and give him a deep threat in Braylon Edwards, telling me that there is one of 2 things happening here. 1) He is getting kick backs or 2) he already has the Jets job lined up and plans on returning a la Eric Taylor in Season 2 of Friday Night Lights. I guess only time will tell if Braylon will be able to hold on to a football in New York, but if he thinks people in Cleveland were critical wait until he feels the rather of the big market fans. Yikes. This is shocking news for Browns fans but I can’t help but think that Braylon is stoked. He is going from an 0-4 team that looks to be the next Detroit Lions to a team that looks to be on its way up with a 3-1 start. I am anxious to see how many Browns players start decking people in the coming weeks to try to get the hell out of Cleveland.

In other news, Michael Crabtree has finally signed with the 49ers. It will be a six year deal that he will be able to void after 5 if he meets undefined performance clauses. I don’t know about you, but that team should welcome their 1st pick hold out with a nice whoopin similar to Full Metal Jacket.

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