Braves Have 7 Run 9th Inning


The Braves entered the 9th inning in todays game against the Cincinnati Reds down 9-3.  They started out the inning with a single by Troy Glaus to right field. 1 on, no outs.  Next up was Eric Hinske and he too singled to right.  2 on, no outs.  Yunel Escobar and Nate McLeoth followed suit by both getting singles and scoring Glaus and Hinske.  2 on, still no outs and the score is now 9-5.  The Reds go to a new pitcher, Nick Masset, who walks David Ross and loads the bases, still with no outs.  A fielding error by Miguel Cairo on a Martin Prado ground ball allows Escobar to score from 3rd and keeps the bases loaded.  Now 9-6 with no one out and the bases still juiced.  The Reds again go to their bullpen to look for someone to stop the bleeding.  Arthur Rhodes comes on in relief and strikes out one of the hottest bats in baseball in the rookie Jason Heyward.  The score is still 9-6, 1 out and Bobby Cox decides to pinch hit Brooks Conrad for Craig Kimbrel.  Francisco Cordera comes in for Arthur Rhodes and gets him to a 2-2 count before this happens…

[youtube id=gRYzzBXq2UU& ]

Shit happens right?  Nix may have had it in his glove but hitting the wall knocked it loose.  If the ball would have stayed in the park, I honestly believe that it would have been a 3 run triple to tie the game at least.

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