Blake Griffin is Awesome is Kia’s New Time Traveling Commercials

Anytime a pro athlete can clown on themselves, it is usually instant comedy.  When it is a super star like Blake Griffin, it is even better.  Add a good story line and witty writing and you have yourself a bonafide awesome commercial.

The new Kia Optima commercials have met, and exceeded, the requirements for a bonafide awesome commercial.  The first, features the Clippers big man heading back to 1995 where he meets his younger self.  He tells him he is from the future and imparts hilarious, yet serious, wisdom on the young boy.

“Practice your free throws….a lot”

[youtube id = U1h1aVorUjc]

The second Optima commercial has Blake heading back to 1997 where he interrupts himself playing catch with a football.  The simplicity of it makes me laugh when he grabs the ball and punts it.

“Wrong sport.”

He also gives himself an invaluable fashion tip…

[youtube id = BGnhQGeyjWM]

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