Black and Decker Helmet Wrecker.

Let me start off by saying Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had as much fun as I did celebrating the New Year. If you didn’t do the worm across the floor, then I’m pretty sure I had a better time than you. Moving on… Why does Chris Wells feel the need to mess with the heads of the Buckeyes faithful? I understand that he is trying not to distract his team from the task at hand, but couldn’t he just have said no comment? At the very least he could have given a statement saying that he would evaluate his options after the game or better yet just not give an interview until after the game. This is an all too familiar game as of late. A couple weeks ago, I got a semi in my pants when Lebron said that he would consider signing a contract extension with Cleveland before 2010. After I got excited, my friends quickly told me I was a moron and there was no way he was going to stay in Cleveland. Point taken. The only thing that makes me believe that Beanie might actually be thinking of coming back to Ohio State for his senior season is that fact that he feels like he didn’t accomplish what he needed to in 3 years. He says he wants to be the “Best player to come through Ohio State”. That is a very tall order and one that he would have trouble filling even if he did come back. Coach Tressel was quoted a couple weeks ago as saying Beanie should go to the NFL. Coach Tressel said if it were him, it would be an “easy decision” and that he believes that Beanie would or should be a top 5 pick. Little Animal said that he needs evaluate his health and how his body will hold up for another season. What he is trying to say is “are you serious? Get out while your still in one piece and can make some money!”. With all these dominant influences in his life pushing him to go to the next level, I find it extremely hard to believe he will be back next season. As for now, all we can hope for is that Beanie has a huge game against Texas and the Buckeyes finally prevail in the “Big Game”.

P.S. Thanks for the nicknames of your stiff arm Beanie.

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