Best Offense In The Biggest Sports

Defense is an important aspect of every game. Saying that the best defense is offense. It leaves you in charge of the game, it puts points on the board and holds possession. What’s more, it is the offense that gains fans. You want to see your team play with fast-paced style and flair and start racking up scores. That’s where the excitement comes from in every sport. Which is why we have compiled a list of the one must-have piece of offensive equipment to help you become the MVP of your team, whatever your chosen sport.


Whether you agree with it or not, soccer isn’t just about the sport. It is about everything that comes with it too. It is about the image you exude on and off the pitch, and that means you need to have a pair of boots that will give you control of the ball, help you score and show off the level of prestige associated with luxury. That’s why we recommend the limited edition Adidas Porsche boots. They’re simple, stylish and understated, and there are only 1500 pairs ever made. But it isn’t just about that. The boots are a combination of the Copa Mundial and the Porsche 911, and that means they are sexy and well designed.


The ball has a lot to do with it, there’s no denying that. But it’s hardly likely that you’re going to be allowed to bring your own ball onto a competitive sport without people getting suspicious. That’s where your footwear is going to be your best asset when it comes to offense. But look no further than Kobe’s signature line, which you can check out here Unlike a lot of celebrity endorsed stuff, these are made with real care and one of the most technologically incredible pairs of sneakers you could ever hope to buy. Lightweight, springy and with incredible traction; these sneakers have everything you could ever need to run rings and hit hoops.


Forget the glove. Sure a good catch is a sight to behold, especially one that is plucked out of the against all the odds and with gravity-defying agility. But it is all about home runs. It is all about the big hitters and that means your offensive game is all about your swing technique and the bat you’re swinging. Luckily there isn’t much of a contest. So, quick as you can, head over to and get yourself the 2017 DeMarini. Huge pop and little vibration; what more could you possibly want or need in your big-hitting game.


To us, cricket is an odd sport. In fact, it can only be called a sport very loosely because, well, what sport lasts for five days and then ends in a draw. It’s totally bonkers. Still, a huge proportion of the world plays it and an even bigger section watches it, and that means it makes our list. Of course, what every fan wants to see is the ball fly over the boundary, over the crowd and out of the stadium; that’s what gets the viewing figures up. Think Freddie Flintoff of KP. These guys hit big. But to do this, you need the right bat, and that is without a doubt the Kookaburra Kahuna. Come on, it is called a Kahuna. It’s lightweight, powerful, straight-grained and made to produce maximum impact. So don’t bother even considering anything else.


There are so many different bits of equipment that have a say in the offensive abilities of a player, and a lot of it is determined by the position. There are the shoes, the pads, the helmets, the visors; all of which add to the arsenal of an offensive player. But we’ve decided that the gloves you pull on make the most amount of difference across the board. They allow the QB to throw further and more accurately. They allow linebackers better grip. They allow receivers the chance to pick the ball out of the air with just a single hand. But what makes the best glove in the game? Well, we believe that these Cutters Gloves here are at the top of the table. Flexible, comfortable, durable, extensive grip coverage from palm to fingers, and the ability to restore their tackiness with unbelievable ease.


What makes great offense? What makes someone more attractive to watch? Is their short game, and their ability to read a green? Is it their ability to play from the bunker? Maybe even chipping the ball in from a fair distance off the green? All of these contribute to a good offense, and all of these will rack up serious views on Youtube. However, all of these are rare too. But what isn’t is a player’s ability to drive that ball off the tee further than any of their opponents. We’re talking Mike Austin, David Mobley, Bubba Watson and John ‘The Bomb’ Badock. We’re talking Happy Gilmour. Of course, a lot of this is down to strength and technique, but it is also down to the club too. As such, we recommend the TaylorMade R15. It is the King of drivers. It is almost fully adjustable to suit your needs. It has a 12-setting hosel and two sliding weights in the sole, all of which allows you to increase the angle of the launch and reduce the spin, meaning your tee shot goes further and straighter. It is an incredible bit of kit.

Table Tennis

It can only be about the bat. What else matters but the paddle, the blade. Do you go wood or carbon? That is about the biggest challenge you face when choosing a blade. However, we have done that hard work for you, because there is only one make to go with, Butterfly, and only one model, the Time Boll Spirit. It’s all you need for speed and control. It forgives to you while being unforgiving to your opponent. It is the only thing you need to secure a victory and win over an audience.

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