Bernie Kosar Got a DUI & Claimed He Couldn’t Stand on One Leg Because His Line Couldn’t Block

Bernie Kosar got a DUI over the weekend in Solon, Ohio.  Most people found out about this a couple hours before the Browns kicked off against the in-state rival Bengals.  What most didn’t find out was what happened during the arrest, or more importantly, what was said.

According to the police report, the officer observed Bernie going 74 MPH in at 50 MPH work zone and he pulled him over.  The officer became suspicious when Bernie handed him two credit cards when he asked him for his identification.  After observing an odor of alcohol and slurred speech (assuming he was drunk and it isn’t how he sounds sober), the officer had Bernie recite the alphabet starting at E and ending at W.

“Mr. Kosar started E, F, G, P, L ,M, N, O, Q and from there it trailed on with more letters that were not correct and ended at X.”

After failing the eye test, Bernie was asked by the officer if he had any problems that would prevent him from performing the one leg stand or walk and turn test.

“Mr. Kosar stated that he had a lot of surgeries on his knees and ankles because his line couldn’t block.”

I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head in shame.  Actually, I do. That is hilarious.  Unless your an offensive lineman from the Bernie Kosar era.

Cop must have been a Pittsburgh fan.

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