Batting Helmet Nachos & 1/2 Pound Hot Dogs at Progressive Field Will Gut Bust You

Good lord.  At the Cleveland Indians final game before the All-Star break yesterday, I mentioned to my friends that I wanted to get the batting helmet nachos I had seen someone eating at the last game I went to.  Of course, like any sane human, I was only half serious.  However, after a few $10 Bud Lights, I was passing a concession stand and I saw the batting helmet nachos in all their glory.

Think of a white ray of light shining directly on them while a 20 person choir is belting out an “ahhhhhhhh” in unison.  Yea. It was definitely like that.

The problem with nachos of that size is that nine times out of ten, you end up with chips and no more cheese , salsa or jalapenos thus rendering the end of your nacho experience a total loss.  However with these batting helmet nachos, they do it right.  Layer of chips, layer of cheese, layer of chips, layer of cheese, salsa and jalapenos.

A veritable Mexican layer cake of goodness.

The $13 price tag may seem a bit high at first, but we bought this and four people munched on it and we didn’t even come close to finishing the helmet.  Well worth the money.



If you’re still hungry after the batting helmet nachos, I suggest heading over to section 114 for the 1/2 pound all beef hot dog.  Sure it’s another $10 spent, but you’re saving roughly three meals.

Two draft Bud Lights, one batting helmet nacho and one 1/2 pound all beef hot dog will run you $43.  I want to say it’s worth it but I know you won’t believe me.  You’ll just need to head to Progressive Field and try it for yourself.

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