Bad Beat

Anyone who has partaken in any type of gambling has most likely had a bad beat once or twice – it happens to all of us.  Sometimes its while depositing our college rent check from mom and dad into our online poker account and sometimes its taking an 8-team parlay for $5 because it pays out like $1800.  Either way, sooner or later you’re going to get burned.  I’m sure there are a bunch of bad ones coming out of the Super Bowl yesterday, and I heard one today I had to pass along. 

One of my favorite things about the Super Bowl are the pages and pages of prop bets made available by the sports books.  You can bet the coin flip, the number of times the Mannings will be shown during the game or how many times your girlfriend/wife will ask you what that “thing” is on Drew Brees’ face (ok so I made that last one up).  Some of the most interesting ones are always the cross-sport prop bets, and their were some good ones this year.  But one in particular may have left some people a little salty this morning:

Combined Points Lebron James + Kobe Bryant (2/6/10)     -1.5

Total Points Scored in the Super Bowl

I know of at least one person who took Lebron/Kobe, and at first glance it seems like easy money.  Especially after Lebron goes off and scores 47 points on Saturday.  But then Kobe doesn’t play due to a hang nail and you start to sweat.  Ok you think, maybe I still have a chance.  Nope.  Final Score:

Combined Points Lebron James + Kobe Bryant (2/6/10)     47

Total Points Scored in the Super Bowl                             48

Ouch.  That one will sting for a while and leave a terrible taste in your mouth on Monday morning.  That’s why the house always wins.  Because even when they shouldn’t win, they still win.  Although there are probably plenty of these stories out there this week, I don’t think anyone is laughing quite as hard as the casinos.  Thanks to the Saints and the Under, casinos can continue to offer the $3.99 Prime Rib dinners.  Well played Las Vegas, well played. 



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