Andre Johnson was wired for sound last Sunday

andre-johnsonLast Sunday, Andre Johnson got tired of Cortland Finnegan’s bullshit and fist were thrown.  Although the fists were only thrown by Dre, both Finnegan and Johnson were ejected from the game and hit with a $25,000 fine.  Finnegan is a dirty player and has openly said that he aspires to be the dirtiest player in the league while Johnson has been a quiet assasin, netting 60+ catches in 8 straight seasons.  Lucky for us, Andre Johnson happened to be wired for sound last Sunday.  We can hear him telling the ref that he needs to watch Finnegan because he is going for his facemask.  Also you hear Matt Schaub remind his guys in the huddle that they are going to try to get them to do something stupid.  It looks as though Finnegan is the winner in all of this because his goal from the start was to get Dre to lose his cool.

[youtube id=0RAySpBq9r4 ]

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