And We Thought Boise State Blended In


This past Saturday, the Army football team rolled out a different kind of uniform than we are used to seeing.  Sure we had seen the camouflage helmets and pants before and we had even seen jerseys with camo numbers, but hadn’t seen anything like this.  Head to toe camo.  Although not an exact match to the turf, I am sure it still made it a little harder on the opposing quarterback.  I am sure he dropped back only to see a blur of brownish/green instead of linebackers or defensive backs.  Boise State does something similar when playing at home.  They, as I am sure you know, wear all blue uniforms while playing on a putrid blue field.  The idea of blending into the field to make it harder for defenses is a lot cooler coming from Army than Boise State for two reasons;  A.) Army doesn’t claim to be something their not (A legit National Championship contender) and B.) It’s Army, who’s going to tell them what to do?.  With their win over VMI they move to 5-3 and just one more W this year will put them in the Armed Forces Bowl and also give them their first bowl season and .500 season in 14 years.  Keep the camo boys.


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