An Early 2010 NFL Mock Draft (Round 1)


1.) St Louis Rams  Jimmy Clausen QB (Notre Dame): With just a quick look at the Rams roster you’ll notice right away, its full of holes.  The team is starting over, and its time to land a franchise signal caller.  For how terrible Weis was as a head coach he did run an NFL type offense and Clausen excelled in it over the last 3 years.

2.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Ndamakong Suh DT (Nebraska): Just like any good defensive tackle Suh demands double teams, eating up blockers and allowing linebackers to make plays. Unlike mose space eaters though, he blows up offensive lines and make plays. Lots of them. He led Nebraska in tackles and sacks.  By far the best defensive prospect in the draft, his spot on Heisman balloting while rare, was certainly deserved.

3.) Cleveland Browns  Rolando McClain ILB (Alabama): Czar Holmgren is on his way. And while Holmgren is an offensive guy, with his first draft in both Green Bay and Seattle , Holmgren started the rebuilding projects on the defensive side of the ball.  Then used either trade or the draft in year two to make a splash on the offensive side. (Favre, Shaun Alexander) McClain is a beast ILB, who will set the table for the Brownies newest rebuilding project.

4.) Detroit Lions  Bruce Campbell OT (Maryland):  $78 Million Dollars. That’s the investment in Matthew Stafford. Gotta protect it, he’s been hitting the deck too much in year one. Campbell is a 6-7 310 lb tackle with good feet. He moves well and can pass and run block. I see the combine as the place where he will set himself as the top OT prospect.

5.) Kansas City Chiefs  Eric Berry S (Tennessee): Much like the Rams, if you throw a dart at the Chiefs depth chart you’ll hit a place where their is a hole.  Berry is the best overall player still on the board. Simple as that.

6.) Washington Redskins  Russell Okung OT (Oklahoma State): Jason Campbell has played well enough that QB is a back burner need going into this off season.  The offensive line has been in shambles, because of injuries, for the second straight year. Okung, an AP All American, is an elite OT prospect and has started injury free for 3 straight years.

7.) Oakland Raiders Ryan Mallet QB (Arkansas): Russell was too immature and never took being a franchise guy seriously. He’s done. Bruce “Bazooka Arm” Gradkowski is a flash in the pan, and has no future as starting NFL QB. The Raiders have some weapons offensively, Mallet is a guy who has shot up draft boards with his strong arm and quick release.  Crypt Keeper Al will love his measurables.

8.) Seattle Seahawks Sam Bradford QB (Oklahoma): Certainly some concerns with health and the offense he is coming from. Bradford also is going to have to have a very strong combine and pro day to deserve this draft spot.  I obviously think he will, and this would be the best spot for him.  Hasselbeck can still play, so Sam will be able to come in, sit, and learn behind a very good NFL starter.

9.) Denver Broncos (via Chicago)  Brandon Spikes ILB (Florida): Aside from trying to rip the eyes out of a running back or two, Spikes is a complete NFL prospect. Size, Speed, and Tackling. Denver is a playoff team who is going to benefit from getting a top 10 pick, it gives them a luxury to gamble on a guy with some issues, but great upside.

10.) Buffalo Bills Gerald McCoy DT (Oklahoma): The Bills simply can’t stop the run.  McCoy fits a need and is a prospect worth of being in the top ten.

 11.) San Francisco 49ers (via Carolina) Charles Brown OT (USC): Solid all around tackle who has played in a pro style offense. Will step in right away as the starting right tackle.

12.) Pittsburgh Steelers Terrance Cody NT (Alabama): This just isn’t even fair. The Steelers have no business picking in the top 15. They are far to good of a team, but are stumbling through a very disappointing season.  So while NT isn’t the teams biggest need, starter Casey Hampton will be 33 next year, and back up Chris Hoke will be 34. So they’ll take top flight prospect Mount Cody and add another dominating piece to a very good group. 

13.) San Francisco 49ers  Joe Haden CB (Florida): Haden has great speed, good ball skills, and is a willing tackler. A Singletary type of player he really is a steal for the top corner coming off the board at 13.

14.) Atlanta Falcons Jerry Hughes DE (TCU): Tough year for the dirty birds.  They couldn’t help Matty Ice being hurt but they can help thier struggling pass rush. Hughes is an overwhelming pass rusher and should add some bite back to the Falcon front 7. Hughes is also the farthest thing from being an off the field issue. Something owner Arthur Blank loves.

15.) Houston Texans Earl Thomas S (Texas): Houston needs play makers in the back end of its defense. When you’re in a division with Peyton Manning, Vince Young, Chris Johnson, and MJD you gotta be able to have safeties who can come up in run support and get back cover. Thomas is a very complete safety who fits that bill.

16.) Tennessee Titans Derrick Morgan DE (Georgia Tech): Javon Kearse is over the hill, and so is Kyle Vanden Bosch.  The Titans pass rush needs depth and youth. Morgan just might be the best pass rushing 4-3 defensive end in the draft.

17.) Los Angeles Jacksonville Jaguars Tim Tebow QB (Florida): Tebow is an icon in Florida. No one goes to Jaguar games. This very well could be the first ever PR draft pick.  The Jags have to start putting butts in the seats if they plan on staying in Florida.  Tebow can play football, worst case scenario he ends up being a goal line wildcat QB/HB.

18.) Baltimore Ravens Dez Bryant WR (Oklahoma State): Even if Derrick Mason comes back next year, the Ravens lack play makers in the passing game. Bryant falls after sitting out a year. WR are a tricky thing to pick in the first round. They have a very high bust rate. When on the field Bryant could take over games. Hopefully he won’t be another Mike Williams.

19.) New York Jets Ras I Dowling CB/S (Virginia): The Jets might have the best CB in all of football in Revis, but have nothing on the other side of him. They also lack at saftey. Dowling will fit in at one of those spots and be a solid NFL starter.

20.) New York Giants Taylor Mays S (USC): What the hell happened to the Giants? What looked like a complete team 5 weeks into the season now looks like a piece of swish cheese. They can’t run the ball or get pressure on the QB. Holes no one saw coming, and they will be filled in this draft.  But one thing we learned last Sunday was they will never be a team that can win shoot outs.  Philly popped off way to many big plays. The pick of Mays will give the Giants the scariest safety combination in the league with Mays and a healthy Kenny Phillips. I truely mean it to when I say scariest…

21.) Miami Dolphins Reshad Jones S (Georgia): Nose Tackle, Wide Out, Inside and Outside Linebackers are bigger needs, but none fit value wise, at this pick. “Gerbil” Wilson has not paid off.  Jones is a guy who could have come out last year and didn’t. And he’s done nothing to hurt his stock this season.

22.) Arizona Cardinals   Bryan Bulaga OT (Iowa): Simple one here, the Cardinals offensive tackles are flat out terrible.  Bulaga is a top 15 talent who will fit great in Arizona.

23.) Dallas Cowboys Damian Williams WR (USC): If you have a billion dollar stadium, you better be putting out a billion dollar type product in that stadium.  The current set of play makers in Dallas doesn’t cut it.  Williams is not only a down the field wide out, but also the most NFL ready wide out.

24.) Seattle Seahawks (Via Denver) CJ Spiller RB (Clemson): The complete revamping of the Hawks offense continues. Spiller is a dynamite duel threat back.

25.) New England Patriots Greg Hardy DE (Ole Miss): Might be a bit small but has the size to bulk up to play 3-4 DE. Very tough player, just needs to stay healthy.

26.) Green Bay Packers Kareem Jackson CB (Alabama): Charles Woodson has sure shown he has plenty of game left, but the Pack remain very thin on the edge. Jackson can cover, and is a very active tackler.

27.) Cincinnati Bengals Brandon LeFell WR (LSU): Carson Palmer and the Cincy offense seems to be running out of gas down the stretch here.  They certainly need something on the other side of Ocho Cinco. LeFell is a big fast target.

28.) Philadelphia Eagles  Donovan Warren CB (Michigan): Warren is one of two bright spots of a Michigan football team. He a solid all around corner back. Will fit nicely in Philly.

29.) San Diego Chargers Dan Williams NT (Tennessee): Williams is a guy who wasn’t on anyones map as a 1st round pick. Playing in Monte Kiffin’s defense has changed that, and he is now poised to become a anchor of San Diego’s 3-4.

30.) Minnesota Vikings Jahvid Best RB (Cal): The Vikings are a team with no holes.  I don’t know where they will go, I think a good idea will be to get a very solid back up to Peterson. The running game is the Vikings bread and butter, and with Chester Taylor possibly gone after this year, a home run hitting back up is a good idea in my book.

31.) New Orleans Saints Sean Weatherspoon LB (Missouri): Weatherspoon is going to fit nicely as a 4-3 outside backer. Its certainly the Saints weakest group on either side, and a spot they didnt address last year.

32.) Indianapolis Colts Jason Fox OT (Miami): Tony Ugoh is officially busto. Fox is a guy who can protect Mannings blind side and help a struggling rushing attack.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like it.  The order is exactly what it would be if the season ended today. Based on record and the strength of schedule.  I’ll be doing a full 7 rounder closer to draft time.

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