All Star or All Bust?

The NBA draft is finally upon us. This is one event I enjoy just as much if not more than the NFL draft. I was going to do a mock draft but thought there’s too many of those out there. Instead I decided to try to foresee the future for some of the top players in the draft. Which players are going to be a bust and which players will be our future stars.

B. Griffin, Oklahoma –
Is the one player you can’t go wrong drafting he will be an impact player right from the start, but for him to become a star in the league he has to develop a face up game and a jump shot.
Prediction: Give him 3-4 years before he becomes an All Star.

H. Thabeet, University of Connecticut –
This 7”3 monster was a force at UConn. In the NBA I see him being on a few posters but on the wrong side of things. I think he will be a good shot blocker and a nice big to have. Prediction: Not a bust and not an All Star. Maybe he gets in once or twice because of the lack of true centers in the NBA.

R. Rubio, Spain – Wow do I love this kid’s game. He reminds me of Pistol Pete, a high energy player with a high IQ for the game. Rubio will be a star in league because the way he plays the game. The only question is whether or not that play will lead him to become an All Star. Prediction: I think so but down the line after 5-6 years.

S. Curry, Davidson –
He dominated the mid major conference scoring whenever he felt like it. Like Rubio, Curry has a high IQ for the game. However Curry is not a true PG and does not have the size to play the 2. He will find himself on the court this year but will struggle with the size of the NBA players.
Prediction: I hate to say it because I like Curry and want him to succeed in the NBA but he’s going to be my first bust.

B.J Mullens, The Ohio State University –
A underachiever while a buckeye. However not completely his fault, OSU did not have a true PG and never gave this guy the ball in the post. He has good foot work and a nice touch, with the right coaching he could develop into a double double guy.
Prediction: Mullens was a bust at OSU and will be just another average big man in the NBA, bust.

E. Maynor, VCU –
Maynor is probably the most complete point guard in the draft. He averaged 22.4 points, 6.2 assists, 3.6 rebounds and 1.7 steals per game last year, and projects as being drafted anywhere from 14-23.
Prediction: My dark horse on becoming a star in the league.

T. Hansbrough, University of North Carolina –
One word comes to mind, intensity! Any NBA team should love to have a player like him on the floor. He’s going to do all the little things, rebound, take charges, hustle plays mainly. But don’t sleep on his offensive game. The guy can score, just check out the record books if you need proof. The knock on him is that he does not have the size or athleticism that you need to make it in the NBA.
Prediction: Will have a long career with some great moments but never making an All Star team.

T. Lawson, University of North Carolina –
This draft is loaded with PG. Any team that’s looking to run should draft this guy. Lawson pushes the pace better then any point guard in the draft. He know how to run a team, he can shoot the ball or take it to the whole and draw the foul. Lawson’s a smaller PG standing at a whopping 6 foot which can make him a liability on the defensive end. Prediction: Will develop into a starting PG in the league but no All Star games for him.

B. Jennings, Italy –
Jennings is most explosive PG in the draft. Has unbelievable speed and can create shots for himself and everybody else. At 6”2 170 he has great size for a PG but needs to get in the weight room and bulk up a little. He loves to push the ball and can see the floor very well. Don’t’ be surprised if he makes a few top ten lists for dunking on people because he can jump out the gym.
Prediction: Eventually will be an All Star in the league. Needs to develop a better jump shot and bulk up.

D. Blair, Pittsburgh-
The beast of the east, this man owns the painted area. His 12.2 rebounds per game led the big east this season and the game he had against the projected number two overall pick Thabeet, proved that his strength and 7’3 wingspan can offset his 6’6 frame. The NBA has been lacking on players like Blair. Today’s NBA game is more of the European style game. I like Blair to bring back some of the physical play the NBA has been going away from.
Prediction: If he can control his weight and develop a nice jump shot (like Big Baby has) he can be a high impact player and an enforcer in the painted area. I like Blair to make an All Star team in the future.

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