A letter to Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith

GeneSmithThe Ohio State University was shocked yesterday when the NCAA handed down its punishment for the whole tattoo gate that has swallowed the football program for the past year.  The NCAA gave Ohio State another year of probation, tacked on to the already self imposed 2 years and stripped them of another 4 scholarships over the next 3 years in addition to their self imposed 5 scholarships over the next 3 years.  Perhaps the most shocking, depending on who you talk to, was the decision to give Ohio State a one year postseason ban.  Meaning no matter what Ohio State’s record is next year, they will be unable to participate in the Big Ten Championship or any bowl game they might have been invited to, included the BCS Championship Game.

Ultimately, the blame for this punishment lies with the seniors who sold their memorabilia and used their memorabilia for tattoos.  It is also Jim Tressel fault as well for failing to inform the proper channels of the wrongdoing.  Especially since he was given at least 3 direct chances to fess up to the violations, yet chose to stay quiet.  Tressel did not get away unscathed either as the NCAA slapped him with a 5 year show-cause penalty which basically means for the next 5 years, any college program that hires him as a coach, unless previously cleared, will incur sanctions.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, the University has Gene Smith standing at the podium as their representative.  Throughout this whole ordeal, during press conferences, press releases and interviews Gene Smith seemed a bit cocky.  He told ESPN.com that he believed no postseason ban would come to Ohio State.  He had indicated that the University had punished itself enough and that it should satisfy the NCAA.  Gene Smith mishandling of this situation was so completely unprofessional and idiotic that he should be the next person to join Jim Tressel.

Writer for Thunder Treats, ZWilly, is a die hard Buckeyes fan and a very educated sports enthusiast.  He sent a letter to Gene Smith this morning and forwarded us what he had sent him.  Below is the email that he sent.

Now, we await a response.


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