A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Baseball Team

Looking for a fun way to occupy some of your free time? Why don’t you start a baseball team and play sport every week? It’s so easy to do, and here’s some advice to get started:

Find Some Players

The first thing you need to do is find some players for your team. If you’ve got a lot of baseball-mad friends, then they’re the first people you should turn to. It’s likely they’ll be very keen to join your team and play some competitive baseball with their mates. Then, you use your friends to find other players too. They might know a guy who knows lots of other guys who are all interested in joining. If you don’t get enough players through word of mouth, create a social media page and promote it on Facebook. This will show people in your area that a new team is forming and looking for players. If you get loads of people turning up and have too many players for a team, then you should hold trials. Make people showcase their talents and pick the best ones for your team.

Get All The Right Kit & Equipment

Next, you have to get your hands on the right kit and equipment for your team. As a rule, baseball players like to have their own bat and glove. So, don’t worry about buying these for your team as they can pick which ones they want and buy them themselves. What you need to focus on are things like the baseball kit, baseball lineup sheets, and training gear. Things like plastic bases you can place anywhere so your team doesn’t need a baseball field to train on. Of course, the kit is very important to as it defines your team. Pick a strip that you think looks good and choose a logo that captures your team spirit. Also, who can forget the most important thing you need; baseballs! You’ll need plenty of these for practice and game time. My advice is to think about how many balls you need, then order more than that number. If there’s one thing you can guarantee, it’s that you’ll lose loads of balls in a season.

Join A League

Once you have your team, and you’ve got all the right equipment, it’s time to find some opponents. This step is simple, as all you have to do is join a league. All you have to do is search the web for adult baseball leagues in your area. You’ll be directed to sites that tell you how to register your team for this league and what the price for playing in it is. My advice is to try and pick the closest league to you, as it just means you don’t have to travel very far and life is a lot easier. You’ll normally get sent forms you have to fill in and must get each of your players to fill in a registration form too. Now, you’re all signed up and in a league with other baseball teams that you can dominate!


Starting a baseball team really is this simple and doesn’t cost much money to run. If you do find that you’re struggling to sustain the team, then look for local sponsors to give you some extra cash.


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