76ers-Timberwolves Game Restarted Because Teams Were Shooting At The Wrong Basket

The Philadelphia 76ers were trying to avoid history on Wednesday night in Minnesota as they took on the Timberwolves. After starting the season 0-17, they were just one loss away from tying the NBA record losing streak of 18 games held by the 2009-10 Nets. Being that the T-Wolves were sitting at 4-13 on the season, they had as good a chance as any to break the streak.

They ended up succeeding grabbing their first W of the season and avoiding an embarrassing record, even after only scoring nine second quarter points.


However, the real story of the night is how after the first possession of the night, the game was restarted due to the both teams shooting at the wrong hoop. It probably could have gone unnoticed, but this isn’t ‘Nam. There are rules.

You had one job, refs.


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