4 Habits For A Better Ball Game!

It’s easy enough to play baseball regularly, and become a better all-round player over time. However, if you really want to bring an edge to your game, you need to dissect and separate all the skills that go into a proficient ball player, and work on them individually. Here a few training tips that will take any amateur player’s game to the next level…

Develop Pitch Count Mindsets

In many cases, players can have erratic, inconsistent pitch count mindsets, which will cause them to constantly be thinking and second-guessing themselves when they’re at bat. To avoid this issue, you need to take the time to determine your mindset before a game, therefore avoiding any kind of doubts springing up when you need a clear head. Consider your strengths and weaknesses. Do you perform better when you’re guessing pitches, or when you’re seeing the ball? Do you have more success trying to pick the game apart in your head, or being totally thoughtless? Whatever your current performance is like, have a set plan and don’t wind up questioning yourself throughout the game.

Use a Daily Mobility Regimen

Before you rush right into the wrong routine, remember that mobility and flexibility are not the same thing. Mobility focuses on making sure that your muscle, fascia, and related tissue, is free of any knots and tight spots that may restrict a person’s movement. One of the most popular and effective methods of mobility work is self-massaging with a lacrosse ball (hard and softballs will work if that’s all you have). There are many different mobility exercises you can check out on YouTube.

Know Your Weakness and Work on It!

Despite what commentators say, there’s no such thing as the perfect player. Everyone, from kids playing their first few games all the way up to the MLB’s finest, has one underlying weakness or deficiency to their game. Maybe it’s breaking balls, losing your cool inside fastballs or after two strikes, or maybe becoming too lax after striking out a few batters. Whatever your limiting factor is on the field, you need to identify it, and then set about quarter of an hour aside each day to work on and improve it. A lot of common baseball drawbacks can be helped with regular sports performance training, but many more will require a practice partner who’s as dedicated as you!

Sleep for your Swing!

I saved the best until last. This is one thing that countless players, especially those in college, need to take on board to improve their ball game significantly. If you want to be in the best possible condition for a game, then you need to have the discipline to go to bed early and wake up early every day. I know it can be tough to turn down certain invitations, but you’re not going to become a better player by hitting the clubs until the small hours of the morning! With a consistent, healthy sleep cycle, you’ll start to feel better and think sharper in no time.


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