The 2009 MLB Season took off with a rocky start by losing a 22 year old rookie pitcher from the Los Angeles Angels. Nick Adenhart, along with two of his friends, were hit by a drunk driver early Thursday morning. Our thought and prayers go out to his friends, family and teammates.

Week 1 of the 2009 MLB season has just came to an end. The current standings for ThunderTreats writer’s picks are..

Jack Potts (Dodgers) 4-3
Patrick C (Cubs) 4-2
Sir Dubz (Angels) 3-3
Dilo (Angels) 3-3
Louie D (Angels) 3-3
So Cal (Mets) 3-3
Sahli (Yankees) 3-3
Jeb (Indians) 1-5

So far, our picks have defined mediocrity. The Yankees are off to a slow start without Arod in the lineup and failing to take CC’s diet down to 4 boxes of HoHos a day instead of the usual baker’s dozen. Nick Swisher has proven to be the best off-season acquisition so far by the Yanks batting .471 with 9 Rbis. The Angels started off the season with 6 straight home games taking half of them (2-1 against the BoSox). But we can give them some credit for all of them trying to fight Josh Beckett at the same time. The Cubbies look pretty tough so far. Soriano is showing off his power this year (Juice?). Their main worry this year should be closing out games and their bullpen with both losses coming by 1 run. The M-E-T Mets Mets Mets are looking at some serious competition this year in the NL East with Atlanta and Florida shining early. Pitching and keeping that team healthy will decide this teams fate. Is Cliff Lee on the cover of Madden this year? The Indians have given up 51 runs in 6 games this season. They need to fix something soon or Cleveland sports fans may go on strike after watching Lebron choke this postseason and transition into baseball season in last place.

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