2010 Powerade Jam Fest


This year, Powerade wants you to show them what you got.  On the line is a trip to the B-E-A-utiful city of Columbus, Ohio for the Powerade Jam Fest.  While there you will be a special judge for the Slam Dunk Contest.  Jam Fest is the skills competition for the country’s top high school basketball players competing in the McDonald’s All American Games.  All you have to do is submit your own nasty dunk.  The really cool thing this year is that even if you have zero dunk-a-bility, you can still win this contest.  All you really need to be is creative.

“Unlike last year when we only wanted legit dunks on a 10-foot rim, we’re opening it up this year.  We want people to get crazy–jump off trampolines, include props, dunk underwater, lower the rim, use a Nerf hoop, etc.  The point is for the submissions to be innovative.”

How many of us have had our own dunk contests with friends in the driveway?  Now all you need is to get someone to video it for you.  You can then take that video and upload it at www.poweradedunk.com where it will be reviewed by Powerade.  NBA All Star Chris Paul will be weighing in on the decision as to who has the best dunk.  While you are on www.poweradedunk.com you can check out the dunks that have already been submitted and you can also vote for the dunk of the decade.  The Jam Fest is March 29th so these videos must be uploaded no later than March 11, 2010.  So hurry up, get out there and throw the hammer down!

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