2010 Daytona 500


Boogity Boogity Boogity let’s go racing boys!! Yes race fans it’s that time of the year.  It’s time for The Great American Race!  NASCAR is finally back and this year is going to be bigger than ever.  NASCAR president, Mike Helton, finally had his balls drop this off-season and has come out to say “We’re going to let the boys’ race this year.” Bump and bang all you want because as we all know “Rubbin is racing.”  Helton told the drivers to use their discretion and police themselves with the bump-drafting.  By letting the boys’ just race is what the fans love and what the sport was built on.













Another change this year is also scraping the hideous fast and the furious rear wing and going back to the normal rear spoiler.  Don’t go crazy and call me a liar if you watch the race this weekend and you don’t see the old spoiler back yet.  They aren’t going to bring it back until Martinsville at the end of March.  Also NASCAR is introducing larger restrictor plates for the 500, which means more power under the hood, faster speeds, and of course better crashes for all you out there that watch just for the insane crashes. See Carl Edwards Talladega crash from last year.

 [youtube id=6nlytg1bYI0 ]

ingrid-3There’s no surprise the favorite to win the 500 is of course Jimmie Johnson.  He won the first segment of the Gatorade duels in a back up car and on old tires, which means he’ll start third behind teammates Mark Martin and Dale Jr.  The 48 is unbelievable and it drives me crazy. Some of the other favorites this year are old-timer Mark Martin, Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch.  Also we all know you can never over look Jeff Gordon, 4 time series Champ and winner of 82 cup races, who is going to a back up car after getting mixed up with the worst driver in NASCAR Michael Waltrip.  Gordon also announced some big news this week, which is that his gorgeous wife Ingrid (yea I introduced them to each other after I dated her for a while but she was too tall for me) is pregnant with their second child.  Ok so I’m lying about dating her but a man can dream right, sorry Carrie.

Some of my sleepers to keep your eye on are Matt Kenseth, last years winner, Ryan Newman who won back in 2008, and Juan Pablo Montoya. This guy makes me so nervous anytime he is anywhere around the 24 because he is so unpredictable and just doesn’t care he’ll put you in the wall anywhere on the track. He brings me back to the way Juniors daddy used to race but at least Senior had the right to race this way because he was one the kings of the sport.

The driver with the most to prove is Dale Jr. no question.  This is going to be a make it or break it year for Jr.  He hasn’t won in what seems like 5 years.  He won the bud shootout back in 2008 but since it isn’t a point’s race it doesn’t really count.  To me a win is a win but it isn’t up to me.  Jr needs to get his act together quick because with the addition of Danica to his Nationwide team he may be seeing her pass him up for the most talked about driver in the series.  No matter how you look at it, It’s going to be a great race and an even bigger year so enjoy the 500, eat some good food and of course it wouldn’t be racing without the most important thing of all, BEER.  Enjoy racing fans and Good luck to the 24 team.



Daytona International Speedway  

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