2009 Thunder Treats MLB Preview

The 2009 MLB season is right around the corner and we here at Thunder Treats wanted to get the ball rolling with a preview of our own. First and foremost, So Cal Shredder needs to be recognized for being the brains behind this MLB preview. With that being said, Sunday April 5th at 8 PM opens the 2009 regular season with a first pitch showdown of the Atlanta Braves at the Philadelphia Phillies. It is only fitting to have the defending World Series champions open up the 2009 campaign on the national showcase.
This off season has been a very news worthy one, especially with the release of news implementing star 3rd baseman of the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez to steroids. Baseball has been under the microscope for some time now and has taken many black eyes. 2009 looks to be another action packed season from the start so you might as well start your online betting. Now lets take a look above at the 8 Thunder Treats authors and their 2009 MLB picks.

The categories were broken down the following way:
AL & NL Cy Young
AL & NL East, Central, West and Wild Card winners
AL & NL Champs
World Series Champs

When the picks came in at the end, the team picked most often to win the 2009 World Series championship was the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Let see if the Halos can win another World Series since there last one in 2002, or if someone else will emerge as the favorite.

In other news, check back this week as Thunder Treats releases the Erotic Eight in the Cougar Madness Tournament!

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