2009 Enemy of the Year: Chris Brown


Last week we named Diora Baird our Hump Day Hottie of the Year and this week we would like to introduce to you the consensus Enemy of the Year, Chris Brown.  Chris Breezy became numero uno on many people’s hate lists when he decided to rough up Thunder Treats favorite Rihanna.  Brown didn’t just slap her around, he punched her around.  Breezy further infuriated me by putting out a pile of junk called “Crawl” that people say is his way of addressing the situation with Rihanna.  Hey Chris, maybe a better way to address the “situation” would be admitting that you’re a lowlife piece of shit and that it is never alright to punch a babe.  Brown also obviously had a fun New Year’s Eve with Bow Wow because Bow Wow tweeted how he was drunk while driving his Lambo.  Way to go Chris, another epic fail on your decision making abilities.  Here’s hoping someone kicks in your teeth in 2010, douche bag.

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