2009 draft part deux

Very intriguing article by the So Cal Shredder, and it got me thinking about my very own Browns 1st round pick wishlist. I’ve been digging around doing a lot of research, and here is what I have come up with to this point:

The #1 hole on the entire Browns team, at this moment, is the void at ILB next to D’Qwell Jackson. Andra “I prefer to run in quicksand” Davis will not be returning, and Leon Williams has not developed into the playmaker that Phil Savage envisioned when drafting him. With all that being said, Aaron Curry is my selection with the #5 overall pick, assuming he is still on the board. He is the best overall LB talent in this year’s draft. While possessing the ability to play both OLB and ILB, he would make an immediate impact for the orange & brown defense.

Out of Curry, Maualuga, and Laurinaitis, Curry is the most disciplined and probably the best overall athlete of the bunch. You can tell by watching him that he’s a very technical player, and is also extremely versatile. While Laurinaitis is great in coverage and possesses tremendous instincts, he is simply physically lacking to be worthy of the #5 selection. As for Maualuga, whom I know many Browns fans covet…personally, I think he’s a little overrated. He’s a great leader and hitter, but he is very slow in diagnosing plays and getting off blocks. He will not be picked in the top 10 unless a team reaches for him.

If Curry is not available, there are several other intriguing prospects worthy of the #5 selection.
1. Brian Orakpo, Texas – Orakpo edges Brown for a few reasons, IMO. He has freakish athleticism accompanied with actual top production. He also possesses the best closing speed of the pass rushers in the draft class, while also offering the highest upside. Has the tools to flourish in both the 3-4 and the 4-3.
2. Everette Brown, FSU – Brown is not too far behind. He is already a polished pass rusher, and very quick and athletic off the edge. However, he is probably only suited for a role as an OLB in a 3-4. Obviously this is a position of need, so he will be looked at very closely as well.
3. Malcolm Jenkins, OSU – Despite So Cal’s claim, he will also be very much in the running for the #5 slot due to this team’s depth issues in the secondary, and lack of a true shut down corner.

Here’s a Big Board to discuss and debate…
1. Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
2. Michael Crabtree WR Texas
3. Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia
4. Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest
5. Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio St .
6. Brian Orakpo DE Texas
7. Jason Smith OT Baylor
8. Vontae Davis CB Illinois
9. Everette Brown DE Florida St
10. Mark Sanchez QB USC

That’s all for now. It’s great to be blogging…this is my very first, and I’m looking forward to contributing in the future.

Go Cavs!

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