128 Yards to Go…

chrisjohnson128 yards. 384 feet.  That is all that stands between the Tennessee Titans offensive linemen and their car-to-be-named-later from Chris Johnson.  That is, unless he decides to pull the offer.  The first week of November, Chris Johnson was quoted saying that he would buy everyone of his linemen a new car if he eclipsed the 2,000 rushing yard mark for the season.  A feat only accomplished by 5 others in NFL history.

 “It’s a goal of mine. It’s really a goal of the offensive linemen because I told them if I get to 2,000 yards I’d buy them all a car. They want me to get 2,000 yards more than I want to get it.’’

This is all well and good, but does Chris realize that these guys will not fit in some 2 door spec?  You can’t promise a car to a guy and then get him one he doesn’t fit in.  His line averages 305 pounds so I think it’s safe to say he can wave goodbye to Kia and hello to full size SUV or truck.  Even if we guess he will pay $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 for a new truck for one of them, that is still a $75,000.00 to $100,000.00 bill.  That’s a nice hunk of cheddar to drop in one afternoon even if you are an NFL running back.

Well, he must have realized something because in the weeks after the quote and the blogosphere taking off with the story, Johnson changed his tune a little bit.  He claimed that he never said that he would buy the cars but that the lineman said they wanted cars if he got 2,000 yards.

 “I never promised any cars. I said the offensive linemen wanted cars if I got 2,000 yards. I never promised anything like that. I’ll have to think of something nice.”

Johnson said he got them all 55 inch flat screens last year after a successful 1,200+ yard season and this year if he got to 2,000 yards he would have to get them something a little nicer.  Obviously, Chris.  Maybe something with a steel chassis and 4 wheels?  Maybe something with a lot of cargo space and foot room?  Im not sayin, Im just sayin…

The Titans final game is this Sunday, January 3 and it should be interesting.  The Titans will be feeding the ball to Johnson against a Seahawks defense that ranks right in the middle of the pack in rush defense.  My guess is that Johnson will receive 25-30 touches and I would love to see him hit that 2,000 mark.  There is nothing more that fans of the game love than record breakers and I, though not even close to being a Titans fan, would love to see Chris Johnson hit this milestone.  If you aren’t a fan of record breakers, then maybe you can get on board on the fact that his linemen will expect a car but probably receive a PS3 to go with their flat screens from last year.

Quick thought…if Johnson hits the 2,000 yard mark and on the next play loses enough yardage to go back below 2,000, does that still count as the record?  I wouldn’t mind seeing that either…  So many options to think of you can’t help but watch on Sunday!

Johnson’s quotes from Titans Insider

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