10 Biggest Surprises from NFL Week 1

Well, the first week of 2013 NFL action is now behind us, and it was a fantastic start to the season. From exciting comebacks and debuts, to headline performances from established stars, to a few intriguing surprises, the opening week was packed with drama. So, looking past how you fared in your NFL Week 1 opening Fantasy Football matchup and before week two gets under way, here are our picks for the 10 biggest surprises of opening week.

1. Peyton Manning’s Onslaught

We should really stop being surprised by Peyton Manning, but no one quite expected what he pulled off in the Broncos’ Thursday night debut. Manning was flawlessly dominant in throwing for a ridiculous 7 TDs.

2. The Jets’ Good Luck

A late hit on a streaking Geno Smith gave the Jets the opportunity to win their opener on a field goal – we’ll go ahead and call it the first good luck this team’s had in years.

3. Colin Kaepernick’s Arm

We knew Kaepernick could pass, but he’s arguably better known for his mobility. In Sunday’s win over Green Bay, however, Kaepernick proved he may be an even better QB than we supposed, throwing for an effortless 412 yards and 3 TDs with no interceptions.

4. Seahawks’ Struggles

Expectations are high for Seattle. On television, most analysts have them in the mix among contenders, and at the Betfair news sports gambling exchange, the Seahawks have the 4th best odds to win the championship. But at Carolina, the Seahawks barely managed a slim victory against a team expected to miss the postseason.

5. Reggie Bush’s Resurgence

Bush erupted in his first game as a Detroit Lion, and actually managed over 100 yards receiving (with a TD). May it was because he has the best running shoes.

6. Terrelle Pryor’s Debut

Pryor – a bit of a wildcard in Oakland – was beyond promising, amassing 329 total yards and 1 TD in a near upset of the Colts.

7. The Steelers’ Loss

The Steelers ended an impressive streak of winning home openers with a dud loss to the Tennessee Titans. It was a very messy beginning for a Pittsburgh team that may have a tough road ahead.

8. The Giants’ Sloppiness

6 turnovers in the opener at Dallas says it all. The Giants have work to do.

9. The Eagles’ Opener

Playing at Washington, and with RGIII looking in perfect form, the Eagles ran up the score for a 33-27 Monday night win that has Philly fans soaring. Michael Vick looked great, and this vaunted Chip Kelly offense may be for real.

10. RB1 Woes

Across the league, a number of starting runners (or those who were supposed to start) underperformed. Lamar Miller in Miami, David Wilson for the Giants, the highly touted Montee Ball in Denver, Stevan Ridley in New England…. Runners disappointed in about half the league.


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